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Webinar: CIO-SP4 - Deep Dive into Labor Category Pricing and Financial Capability

Webinar: CIO-SP4 - Deep Dive into Labor Category Pricing and Financial Capability

Webinar: CIO-SP4 - Deep Dive into Labor Category Pricing and Financial Capability

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Much has changed relative to labor categories in the CIO-SP4 Final RFP. Compared to SP3, this new solicitation has over 150 new labor categories that have no connection to the previous contract.

To make pricing these categories more challenging, many of them are not found on BLS, Salary.com or other salary survey databases.

We have an extensive seminar planned that will cover a broad list of topics and equip you to develop a winning Pricing Volume that is completely compliant with the RFP Instructions and Evaluation Factors.


To accommodate everyone's busy proposal schedule, we're offering this presentation in two identical sessions; Friday June 11th and Tuesday June 15th. Your single registration fee gains you admission into both sessions. We anticipate that a different set of questions will be addressed during teach presentation.


Labor Category Changes

  • What’s new in the Final RFP
  • What’s been left behind
  • Pricing Methodology
  • Market Trends in the AI/Cloud/Automation/Robotics categories

M.4.4 Factor 4 - Price Evaluation

  • All Labor Rates
  • Trends in Escalation Factors
  • Evaluation of average rates
  • Creating a Defensible Pricing Build-up

M.5 Financial Responsibility

  • Adequate financial resources or the ability to obtain them.
  • Ability to comply with proposal delivery/performance schedule. Consideration of existing commercial and/or governmental business commitments.
  • Satisfactory performance record.
  • Satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics.
  • Organization, experience, accounting and operational controls, and technical skills
  • Production, construction, and technical equipment and facilities
  • Otherwise qualified and eligible to receive an award (FAR 9.108)

Volume II - Go/No-Go Criteria

  • Verification of adequate accounting system (SF 1408)
  • Financial Capability (SF 1407)
  • Small business subcontracting plan (OTSBs and ELBs only)

Volume II - Representations and Certification

  • Check your SAM registration to ensure answers are correct and consistent
  • Walkthrough of correct answers to all fill-in blanks

rTurner Consulting Pricing Accelerator Demo

  • Salary Survey Sheet
  • FBLR workbooks
  • Narrative
  • CIO-SP3 Labor Rate Database

LIVE Q&A and Discussion


For this seminar, Robert Turner will be joined by Ms. Kimberly Hilton, Director of Pricing and Contracts for rTurner Consulting and a 20-year GovCon veteran with extensive experience building winning pricing models for large GWACs and IDIQs.

We are also including WITH your Webinar Registration, two items to help you develop your Volume 2 and Volume 6 proposal sections.

  1. Completed Volume II Reps and Certs package with notes and instructions to ensure compliance with the FAR.
  2. Coupon for 100% of your registration fee that can be redeemed on our eCommerce Store for reports and Accelerators to assist with CIO-SP4.

We have enjoyed hosting this continuous series of presentations on CIO-SP4 and hope you can join us for this in depth session on Pricing and Financial Capability. With the two offers listed above, you're sure to get a solid return on your time and investment.