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GSA Polaris Webinar -- Amendment 002 Analysis (recording)

GSA Polaris Webinar -- Amendment 002 Analysis (recording)

GSA Polaris Webinar -- Amendment 002 Analysis (recording)

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Analysis of Amendment 002 changes to Sections L, M and Q&A as well as guidance on how to maximize your points and create a winning proposal.

GSA Polaris - Amendment 002 Changes and Impact

In our 2nd live interactive webinar since the GSA released Polaris SB and WOSB, we discussed our analysis of the Final RFP, giving you insights and capture strategies to assist with teaming, questions, SBA regulations, Joint Ventures and delivering the most amount of points possible to score highly in the competition.

Kathy, Joshua and Robert bring together BD, Capture, Proposal and Legal perspectives to help you prepare to win a contract position on this best-in-class GWAC. 

Webinar Topics include:

(1) Overview of the changes to RFP. We will give you insight into the entire RFP with a focus on the Instructions, Evaluation Factors and Q&A release.

(2) Addressing the Ambiguities, Difficulties & Challenges throughout the RFP and Q&A.

(3) Legal Issues and Possible Protests. What can we expect and how should we be prepared to respond?

(4) Writing a Winning Proposal. Resources, tools and processes to increase your score and develop a compliant, winning proposal. Dealing with tags, templates, volumes, formats, etc.

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