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GSA Polaris Webinar 1 - Draft Scorecard and Ambiguities (recording)

GSA Polaris Webinar 1 - Draft Scorecard and Ambiguities (recording)

GSA Polaris Webinar 1 - Draft Scorecard and Ambiguities (recording)

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Draft Instructions and Scorecard

On Friday, 9/24 GSA Released updates to Sections L and M along with the completed Scorecard. There are many teaming implications and messages to send to GSA to shape this RFP to be most favorable to Small Business. 

Relevant, Actionable Agenda

Polaris is the next generation GSA GWAC for Small Businesses who supply IT Services. The newest Draft RFP and Scorecard both answers questions and raises issues that need to be addressed.

Robert, Kathy and Joshua will bring you a rich agenda of relevant topics to help you refine your win strategy and build a winning team.

We have insights from GSA, Teaming resources, Draft RFP Feedback and Live Q&A.

Seminar Topics (video trailer):

1. Messaging GSA with suggestions for RFP improvement; including a list of suggested Draft RFP responses that you can send to GSA to help improve this RFP and avoid the problems we experienced with CIO-SP4!

At a recent forum, GSA said this may be the last draft RFP and that industry's comments will drive changes. We will give you these comments in GSA's format. Do not miss this webinar.

2. Analysis of the Draft RFP and Scorecard; identification of remaining ambiguities; what does GSA need to know from the small business community?

3. Teaming Strategies for Prime/Sub, Joint Ventures and Mentor-Proteges; what are the advantages and challenges with each teaming strategy?

4. RFP Ambiguities and Difficulties; where do the instructions appear to violate established regulations and practices? what about subcontractors and certifications?

5. Legal Challenges and Insights; the intersection of SBA regulations; similarly situated entities; Mentor-Proteges, Large Business subcontractors and recent comments from GSA.

Teaming Resources

We have two excellent resources to support your teaming efforts; both will be briefly presented at the end of the seminar.

1. Polaris SB Contract Teaming Report. Our report of 5,000+ vendors and 21,000+ contract actions has been updated to map the Draft RFP. We added the SDVOSB pool and improved the data set to aid in partner selection. This report (video trailer) shows you the winning SB, WOSB, SDVOSB and HUBZone vendors over the last five years who have the winning contracts in each agency (by size) that will score you the maximum points on your scoring sheet.

2. Polaris Teaming Database. Our database is growing every day with companies who are looking for partners. We'll show you how to access this tool and connect with qualified winning partners.


NOTE: This seminar was recorded on Wednesday, October 06, 2021 and covered topics specific to the GSA Polaris Draft RFP.