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GSA Polaris - Responsibility Accelerator (L.5.6)

GSA Polaris - Responsibility Accelerator (L.5.6)

GSA Polaris - Responsibility Accelerator (L.5.6)

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We have now published our first version of our GSA POLARIS Responsibility Accelerator that conforms to the Section L requirements and provides salary rates and ranges for the full LCAT Schedule of the SB and WOSB FINAL RFPs.


RFP instructions (L. (a), (b), (c), and (d) clearly state that Offerors must submit a total compensation plan setting forth salaries and fringe benefits proposed for the professional employees. Support information will include data, such as recognized national and regional compensation surveys and studies.

The salary rates or ranges must consider differences in skills, complexity of various disciplines, and professional job difficulty.

The evaluation basis will be Pass/Fail; unrealistically low or inconsistent relationships between job categories and levels may be viewed as evidence of failure to comprehend the complexity of the contract requirements.


We have spent dozens of hours researching job titles and salary rates from multiple sources to organize hundreds of data points to give you realistic salary rates and ranges for all 192 POLARIS Labor Categories. If you don't have the time or resource to do this work, our package will save you a bundle of time and budget dollars in the development of your Polaris proposal.

This consulting deliverable is based on the March 2022 release of the FINAL RFP and will be updated with each Amendment (as required). All customers will receive updates as we make changes to respond to Q&A and Amendments at no additional charge.


This comprehensive pricing package includes the following components:
  • Professional Employee Compensation Narrative (template)
  • Uncompensated Overtime Narrative (template)
  • Full complement of salary rates and ranges from 4 sources
  • SOW that explains each component of this package.

Our video trailer gives you a more complete overview of this package.


Let us know if you have questions about this product or would like a demo. We will be posting a video demo and trailer to this page very soon. 

TESTIMONIAL: MK, Head of Operations at one of our clients said this about one of our pricing packages: "I’m impressed with the meticulous design of pricing worksheets which saved significant amount of time to determine final pricing. You made very complex and tedious process so simple and user friendly. Kudos to the team!"

QUESTION: A customer recently asked "Can you tell us of it would be useful for other ops (such as Polaris) or is this a one-time investment?". Here is our answer.

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