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CIO-SP4 Volume III Health IT Accelerator (FINAL RFP)

CIO-SP4 Volume III Health IT Accelerator (FINAL RFP)

CIO-SP4 Volume III Health IT Accelerator (FINAL RFP)

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We have created a solution accelerator to help government contractors tailor their Technical Approach for Task Area 1 to meet the requirements of the Chief Information Officer Solutions and Partners 4 (CIOSP-4) Request for Proposal (RFP).

This package has been updated and revised to conform to the instructions and evaluation factors of the Final RFP that require corporate experience examples from you and your team describing experience with designing, developing, creating, using, and maintaining information systems for organizations that operate within the healthcare field (RFP L.5.5)

This accelerator package contains lessons learned and historical best practices that have been employed by successful contract winners of CIOSP, and other best-in-class Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) contracts.

Customers who use this accelerator should be able to rapidly develop their technical response to Task Area 1 and save approximately 75% of the time it would normally take to solution and write this proposal section.

Our goal with this package is NOT to write the section on your behalf or provide you with a commercial proposal template (in violation of Section M.6 in the Draft RFP), but to educate and assist with content in this domain so that you can quickly and easily (a) come up to speed or refresh your understanding of the technical domain; and (b) craft a compelling 2 – 4 page technical response to this section that is aligned with the relevant technologies and approaches used in Task Area 1.


NOTE: This video trailer describes our Draft RFP package. The content has been modified to conform to the May 26 Final RFP.

How to use the Accelerator

We have broken up our response into four discreet documents:

  1. REAME Document
  2. Annotated Outline and Sample Content
  3. Technical Methodologies that apply to Healthcare and Healthcare IT

NOTE: We have included detailed discussions of 12 Technical Methodologies or Solution Areas that you can use in SP4 and other IT proposals. These methodologies range from Cloud to Big Data, AI, Agile, and new technologies that are arriving on the market and making an impact in the Health Sciences and Healthcare IT domains.

We hope you find as much value in these products as we found building them for you. If you have questions or comments on this or any of our solution accelerators, please reach out to us via email and we'll respond promptly. Best of success as you pursue a contract award on CIO-SP4.

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