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CIO-SP4 Pricing Accelerator (FINAL RFP)

CIO-SP4 Pricing Accelerator (FINAL RFP)

CIO-SP4 Pricing Accelerator (FINAL RFP)

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We have now published our first version of our Pricing Accelerator that conforms to the LCAT Schedule of the FINAL RFP released 3/26/2021.

In this proposal accelerator, we are delivering a complete set of pricing templates and labor rate sources to accelerate your development of your pricing and business volume for CIO-SP4.

This package includes the CIO-SP3 Labor Rate Database at no additional charge.

Our work is based on the May 2021 release of the FINAL RFP and will be updated once the Final RFP releases in 2021. All customers will receive updates as we make changes to respond to Q&A and Amendments at no additional charge.

NOTE: This briefing provides an overview of the files in our FINAL RFP Pricing Package. 





This comprehensive pricing package includes the following components:

  • Salary Survey Workbook for all 274 LCATS from 3 major sources
  • Salary Survey Crosswalk showing the LCATS sourced 
  • Fringe Build up Template
  • Fully Burdened Labor Rates - Government Site Template
  • Fully Burdened Labor Rates - Contractor Site Template
  • Financial Capacity Narrative Template and required documentation
  • CIO-SP3 Labor Rate Database (120+ SB and OTSB rate schedules)

After release of the Final RFP our pricing team will be hosting a series of pricing support webinars for all clients covering RFP Instructions and Evaluation Factors, Labor Rate Sources, Fringe Rates, Overhead and G&A rates, Financial Capacity, FBLRs and a number of other topics. This webinar series will be customized specifically for CIO-SP4 and will be made available to all customers at no additional charge. 

TESTIMONIAL: MK, Head of Operations at one of our client companies said this about one of our pricing packages: "I’m impressed with the meticulous design of pricing worksheets which saved significant amount of time to determine final pricing. You made very complex and tedious process so simple and user friendly. Kudos to the team!"

QUESTION: A customer recently asked "Can you tell us of it would be useful for other ops (such as Polaris) or is this a one-time investment?". Here is our answer.

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