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CIO-SP4 Management Section Accelerator

CIO-SP4 Management Section Accelerator

rTurner Consulting, LLC

CIO-SP4 Management Section Accelerator

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Roadmap to CIOSP-4 Management Accelerator

We have created a roadmap to help government contractors tailor their Management Approach to meet the requirements of the Chief Information Officer Solutions and Partners 4 (CIOSP-4) Request for Proposal (RFP).

This roadmap contains lessons learned and historical best practices that have been employed by successful contract winners of CIOSP, and other best in class Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) contracts.



Our roadmap includes the following elements:

  1. RFP requirements
  2. Outline of the response
  3. Instructions on how to meet compliance with RFP requirements. This includes definition of requirements in plain language
  4. Best practices that should be employed to respond to each section, and
  5. A sample response
  6. Annotated Outline for CIO-SP4 Section 4 Management Approach

How to use the Roadmap

We have broken up our response into five sections and each section is in a different file. The sections are as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Subfactor 1 - Domain Specific Capabilities
  3. Subfactor 2 - Resources
  4. Subfactor 3 - Program Management
  5. Subfactor 4 - Corporate Commitment

You will open up each file and perform the following steps:

Step 1: Read the RFP requirements

Step 2: Read “Our understanding of what the Government wants to see” section. This section describes what the government wants you to showcase and prove.

Step 3: Use the sample we are providing, and tailor it to your company and/or team specific qualifications.

The sample will tell you how to organize your approach and best practice.

Use this sample along with “Our understanding of what the Government wants to see” section, to tailor your approach. We are giving you more than 1 approach to respond to government requirements. Use the one(s) that are appropriate for your company and/or your team.

2021-03-25 UPDATE: Modified the Management Section Annotated Outline and included a compliance matrix for this volume.

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